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Partha Sarkar


Flutes the Time in the

Shade of the banyan tree

While goes on chaos by

Wise triumphantly. Nowadays

I become deaf to wisdom.


Getting drooping once scepter

Allows the new one to be drooping.

History likes to ride

Merry-go-round to befool

The dead to repeat itself.



May be new word for you but

Do not get surprised dead.

A socially powerful

Is an imperialist. They know. 


Here comes sweltering.

Let us move silently

Hoping there must be storm

At the end of the day’s wisdom.


The endangered species!

Gets unhappy the throne.

There will be no flesh.

But there is a consolation.

Wisdom always fills the vacuum 


The replica of soul.

‘I have seen nothing…’

You may not but there is…

Alone goes the light

Inextinguishable. Meet it if you can.  

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