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Kyle Brandt-Lubart



In the waning light

Monoliths at attention

Between Earth and sky

Sentinels of passageways

That refuse to be erased

This hungry ghost-ling

Bereft of satiation

We learn from watching

Numb mouths feel first solace as

Their nourishment is denied



Windowsill wistful 

Toothpick arms prop up her stare

From behind the glass 

Eyes outstretched beyond borders

Risk has a luscious allure



Lips pursed khaki-clad 

In the hardware paint aisle

Wondering how the

Countless shades of beige became

Imagination’s captor



One hundred trials

Didn’t teach them how to see

Before casting blame

And slamming the gilded gates

While shielding their own children



Questions taking root

In the transition spaces


Is accepting that answers

Will always be elusive




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