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R J Tungsten


brake lights awaken

as my pulse rate skyrockets

daydreaming to death

too fast to review my life

life taken for granted now


hawk flying over

scanning for any movement 

graceful attacker

zeroes in on a field mouse

now serving rodent hors d’oeuvres


sibling rivalry

waste of time and energy 

both from the same womb

cut equal from one fabric

combine forces, don’t divide


anxiety reigns

eyes clouded over with stress

deep controlled inhales 

in with clear refreshing thoughts

out with pain & destruction 


graceful chickadee 

glides to a seamless landing

perched on a feeder

stocked with nutritious spoils

accomplished...she heads nest bound


frost covered windshield 

defroster don’t fail me now

should’ve planned better

on time arrival in doubt

need a scraper to clear this 


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