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Neena Singh


this year too
coming to a close
we spin round and round
on the carousel of life
praying the music to ripple for long


squirrels scamper up
and race down the oak tree
furry tails bob
as the grandma dances
swaying in the bright sunlight



the flower seller 
pushes rajnigandha* stalks
through the cab window
fragrant white blossoms nod
in persuasion like the boy

Note: rajnigandha* are white long-stemmed flowers that blossom at night


in the bathtub
baby tries to clutch water
small fists swirl

laughs merrily his hands dripping
granny sings "Life is but a dream 



on a cloud carpet
as if in meditation
serene mountain peaks...
faraway a villager dreams 

of the gentle patter of rain  



surf shimmers

on the rolling waves
along Miami beach…
holding a friend's faded postcard  
feathery fronds of memory sway

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